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So I’ve been thinking about getting into blogging a bit more but can’t decide what to focus on. So far I’ve written about mental health and music but there are many other things that interest me. I am just going to go ahead and blog about whatever I feel like and if definite subject areas arise I might start some new blogs but for now it’s just about stuff I’m doing, thinking and interested in.

Berlin marathon runners

Over the last year I’ve gotten into twitter. I wouldn’t really recommend this. Whilst Facebook will make you wish you weren’t friends with some of your real friends, twitter will make you want to be friends with people you don’t even know. However, it does have some benefits. On twitter I followed @bangsandabun and got the idea of doing the Berlin half marathon. I had been wanting to do more regular exercise but felt like I needed a goal to make me do that. And as I grew up in Germany for a few years and hadn’t been back since 1996 it seemed like a brilliant opportunity to practice my language skills. And when my lovely friend Steph agreed to take the crazy step with me it was that extra push to go ahead and book everything! (more…)


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