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Marie Claire recently reported that mental health problems are found in two thirds of women. I find this statistic quite worrying and I ask myself what is causing all this distress. In the last few years the pressures on women do seem to have significantly increased and diversified. We are expected to be all things to all people: Look good, have great careers, earn our own money, be independent (look after ourselves) but also nurturing (look after others), and if we have children we must be perfect mothers who succeed at work, prepare nutritious meals at home and never let the strain show.


One thing we can do is ask ourselves where these demands are coming from. It is admirable to have high standards and expect the best of ourselves. However, if those standards are set by anyone other than ourselves we are living someone else’s life. Celebrity culture scrutinizes women brutally for how they look, advertising encourages us to fear ageing as well as less than sparkly clean homes, and facebook wants to broadcast our degree and work history! Then there are the expectations of our families, friends and people we meet throughout our lives. (more…)


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